Participation (20%)

I expect active participation from all of you during our meetings. To make that possible, you must arrive having completed all the reading and thought about it enough to have questions and comments.

We will augment our lectures with posts on the course's website—a WordPress blog.

  1. For each meeting, I will create a blog post for the assigned reading to each of you will be required to reply with a brief question based on the assigned material.
  2. Each week, 3 to 4 of you will be responsible for making a substantial post about the week's works. By substantial, I mean that you have written more than a few sentences or posted a link. A 100-word post, for example, would be sufficient. You will send me this post (as an email) by 5:00PM on Sunday or Wednesday (depending on when the class will be discussing the reading or film you've written about).
  3. During the other weeks when you are not responsible for posting, I expect you to comment on the week's posts, or on a classmate's comment.

Pop Quizzes (10%)

There will be several surprise quizzes throughout the quarter that will ask you provide short answers to simple questions about the material assigned for class discussion on the day of the quiz.

Midterm Paper (30%)

This shorter paper will ask you to consider one of the fictional narratives (textual or cinemat- ic) in light of one or more of the theoretical readings. Questions and topics to be assigned. Papers should be 4–5 pages in length, or between 1,200 and 1,500 words. Submit your papers on October 31, 2013—I consider papers turned in after lecture ends to be late.

Download the paper topics here.

Final Examination (40%)

A three-hour written examination taken during finals week. The final will cover all material and consist of short answers and a longer essay.

Optional Final Paper

If you opt to write this final paper, it will change the weighting of the other course requirements. Your midterm paper will be worth 20%, the optional paper 20%, and the final examination 30%. You will have greater flexibility in selecting a topic for this longer final paper than for the midterm one. Nevertheless, I will also distribute a list of suggested topics and questions. The paper should be 10 pages, or approximately 3,000 words. You must submit copies via email by December 10, 2013 no later than 11:00PM.


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