Steven Hall’s novel, The Raw Shark Texts tells a perplexing story that asks the reader to reevaluate how they perceive words, concepts, and ideas. I found the conceptual fish and Mycroft Ward’s stories to be the most interesting throughout the text. Hall’s portrayal of the conceptual fish throughout the novel as creatures made of words and phrases reflects a very unique ideology. To relate it to the real world its as if Hall’s message is that when information or ideas are shared or created, while they do not become real physical creatures, they do almost take on their own life form, much like a conceptual fish, traveling from person to person or place to place beyond anyone’s control. Furthermore, Mr. Nobody’s explanation of himself as, “a concept wrapped in skin and chemicals” presents an interesting way of thinking about what a human life really is (178). Although Scout refutes this idea, humans really can almost be thought of as complicated concepts wrapped in skin, based on how concepts are defined in the novel.

-Matt Le