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Mr. Nobody terrifies me. Not just because he seems creepy, but the whole concept of “Nobody” is unnerving: Mr. Nobody functions on drugs which carry out different aspects of his so-called personality, and without these drugs, he is nothing but an empty husk. Mr. Nobody is basically a bunch of chemical processes in a container. What really bothers me is how this perfectly describes a human being (and all living creatures as well). What is really “human”? Are our personalities defined by our experiences, or is it all just the manipulation of biological processes? For instance, a person’s response to various stimuli is dictated by the amygdala, which plays a large role in anxiety, fear, aggression, etc. Interestingly, the size of the amygdala could be an indicator in whether or not an individual has the potential to being (or becoming) psychopathic. Regardless, the fact remains that much of what makes a person who he or she is has to do with biology, much like how Mr. Nobody’s whole character is determined by the drugs that give him “reasoning”, “sense of humor”, “powers of persuasion”, and so on.

Of course, people have experiences and are greatly influenced by their environment. But if it were gone…like how Eric was at the start of the novel, waking up with no recollection of his own self. He goes through life in a routine, much like a machine. And that’s what a person might actually be—a machine. A Mr. Nobody. Imagining this, I feel very anxious.

Memories are so precious. Maybe I should start a diary.