Upon finishing the book, I found the remainder of the story to be very interesting, though still slightly confusing. I especially enjoyed the illustrations throughout the text and felt like it added an important element. During the story when Dr. Fidorous tried to get Eric to believe that the words “water” was actually water, it is easy to relate that exercise to the readers. Readers believe (on some level) the story is true, or they see something in their head that is only words on paper. The illustration of the shark adds to that metaphor. The shark is literally made out of words, even when the Ludovician is mentioned, readers can clearly see the shark in their mind. This, I believe, is the overall concept of the story. Everything, real or not real lives in the mind. Mentally you can make anything real. The end of the story is still slightly confusing though. The relationship is never really explained between Cleo and Scout. It seems that Scout is more of a fictional representation in Eric’s mind so that he can come to grips and accept that Cleo’s accident was not his fault. The end of the story makes me wonder what part of anything was true, especially with the post card at the end. I think the author leaves it obscure so that the reader can come to their own conclusion to what is real and not real. Overall, this was still my favorite book of the quarter though it does leave some questions that I would have liked answered. But maybe that was the point, to find answers that are suitable, just like Eric Sanders did.