I was swimming with my girlfriend and her parents. The music was blasting, her parents were laughing, and I turned from her for a moment to lift myself out–when all the sound abruptly ceased. I turned to see everybody fiercely staring at me, and I asked what the problem was. Solemnly, my girlfriend whispered, “the book” and everything clicked. I looked back towards the house and saw it approaching: a dark mass of lines, roughly in the shape of a goldfish cracker. When I woke up from the dream, I looked over at my backpack that held the Raw Shark Texts. Awesome. Nice to meet you Ludovician. In the novel, Steven Hall describes a creature that can move through passage ways of human communication. Waking up, I figured the nightmare was a perfect way of illustrating this concept. Similar to how he describes “the lake in his head” becoming “the lake in your head” from writer to reader, the monster in his book became the monster in my dreams. The Ludovician, or a rough version of one, swam about in the back of my mind, and struck when my brain gave it the opportunity to form. Without even realizing it, we have all let Hall’s idea sink in. Eerie.  ~ Paige Mac Millan