First let me say that I really enjoyed this book. It was able to captivate my mind while entertaining me. With that said, I wanted more from the ending of the book. I ended with more questions than answers.

After the Light Bulb Fragment was re-decoded, the word it formed was “everything”. This completely threw me! Why would Eric I leave the word “everything” for Eric II to find? (410).

Another question that I had was: Did the conceptual fish/shark all develop because of Clio’s drowning. Like if she had died in a plane crash, would we be looking at birds instead? In the end, it was all Eric’s thoughts and conceptions that lead them to the other plane to fight with the shark (which was exactly like the ending of Jaws lol) yet at the same time, Eric II did not fully believe in concepts becoming real. Without full conviction of one’s thoughts, how can they stay solid in this instance. The moment that Eric II and Dr. Trey stopped believing in the soundness of their conceptions, the boat should have sunk, the shark should have disappeared, and the island should never had appeared, right? Or is Hall making a statement that conceptions can become stronger than the mind?

Another element I was a little unsure on was why Scout (or Clio) survived the crash and was able to be with Eric II on the island, but Dr. Trey did not make it. does that mean that Trey is somewhere in the physical world without his memories or is he in fact physically dead like Eric II? Then what would that make Scout? A figment of his imagination or just a less guilty memory of Clio? Or is it that Trey, Scout, and Eric I and II were dead but did not know they where and had to go through this complicated process of understanding, forgiveness, and “death” like in the movie “The Others”? Also, what does the implication that there is a way to cross realms mean? Eric II sent Dr. Randall a post-card on pg. 426 that they disregard because Eric has been found dead (he had apparently been dead for some time). So it is like the Matrix where you can die in the Matrix and die in real life?