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I think the narrative point of view in Julio Cortazar’s Blowup is quite interesting because it shifts between the first person narrator and the narrator also talking about himself from a third person point of view, Michel. It makes it seem as if there are more than four characters in the short story. This shift from perspective is apropos to the title because Michel is able to blow-up and zoom-in and out of reality as he does with the camera lens. On some occasions he looks at himself as he does the photograph–from a removed and zoomed-out view–and at times he zooms deeply in to reality where he believes the inanimate blown-up photograph has also taken life. There are multiple narrative layers going on in this short story; from the reader to the narrator to the photograph to what lies behind it and it mimics the action of one zooming in on a particular object as Michel does with his photographic lens.

-Lissa Morales